“When Jeff Robinson becomes Charlie Parker onstage, as he did in August at the Green Lady Lounge downtown, the transformation startles. The performer, middle-aged, with two sons and a wife in Boston, disappeared. In his place was Bird, slumped in a chair at a small table, his double-breasted suit unbuttoned and askew, the booze helping him brag and name-drop and angle to get paid ahead of the gig, the better to score later.” Ron Knox, The Pitch in Kansas City – READ MORE

“Jeff Robinson, the creator of Live Bird, cajoles this unassuming café into a Harlem night club – summer’s eve, 1947. He launches immediately into a Parker solo on alto sax which sets the tone and establishes his credentials as the man who would be Bird. That taken care of, he then delivers a real time, barfly-on-the-wall peek at a plausible night in the life of Charlie Parker in his prime.” by Gordon Polatnick – READ MORE

“Jeff Robinson isn’t one to blow his own horn, but when the topic is jazz legend Charlie Parker Robinson isn’t reticent.” Joe Burns, Wicked Local Yarmouth – READ MORE

“I knew Charlie as a man and not simply as a musical genius. Jeff portrays the Charlie I knew.”
Widow, Doris Parker

“He got him!  He caught the spirit and sound of Bird, from the tone of his voice to the sound of his saxophone.  Live Bird lifted me.  I was touched by the play and Jeff’s performance.  Brilliantly constructed.”
Charlie Parker’s daughter, Kim Parker

“Everyone’s agreed on what Charlie Parker did for Jazz. The arguments start when anyone talks about who he was. But there’s a remarkable consensus – even among people who knew the alto saxophonist – that Live Bird, Boston-based playwright, actor, saxophonist Jeff Robinson’s one-man play about Parker gets him right.”
Ed Hazell, Jazziz Magazine

“This is one of the best plays about Bird that I’ve ever experienced”
Frank Morgan, Jazz Legend and Charlie Parker protege!

“Live Bird should be moved to off-Broadway… It deserves wider exposure”
Ira Gitler, Jazz Historian, Critic

“Robinson has Bird down cold… Robinson does it so convincingly you’ll forgive Parker for his flaws just to be in his presence”
David Yaffe, The Village Voice

“If you have an opportunity to see Jeff Robinson’s Live Bird you must.”
Nick Catalano, All About

“It takes a multifaceted individual to conceive and perform a one-man play on Charlie Parker, and Jeff Robinson fits the bill”
Bob Blumenthal, Boston Globe