The Kansas City Pitch

“When Jeff Robinson becomes Charlie Parker onstage, as he did in August at the Green Lady Lounge downtown, the transformation startles. The performer, middle-aged, with two sons and a wife in Boston, disappeared. In his place was Bird, slumped in a chair at a small table, his double-breasted suit unbuttoned and askew, the booze helping him brag and name-drop and angle to get paid ahead of the gig, the better to score later.” Ron Knox, The Pitch in Kansas City – READ MORE


Gordon Polatnick

“Jeff Robinson, the creator of Live Bird, cajoles this unassuming café into a Harlem night club – summer’s eve, 1947. He launches immediately into a Parker solo on alto sax which sets the tone and establishes his credentials as the man who would be Bird. That taken care of, he then delivers a real time, barfly-on-the-wall peek at a plausible night in the life of Charlie Parker in his prime.” by Gordon Polatnick – READ MORE


Yarmouth MA

“Jeff Robinson isn’t one to blow his own horn, but when the topic is jazz legend Charlie Parker Robinson isn’t reticent.” Joe Burns, Wicked Local Yarmouth – READ MORE



“I knew Charlie as a man and not simply as a musical genius. Jeff portrays the Charlie I knew.” – Widow, Doris Parker

“He got him!  He caught the spirit and sound of Bird, from the tone of his voice to the sound of his saxophone.  Live Bird lifted me.  I was touched by the play and Jeff’s performance.  Brilliantly constructed.” – Charlie Parker’s daughter, Kim Parker

“Everyone’s agreed on what Charlie Parker did for Jazz. The arguments start when anyone talks about who he was. But there’s a remarkable consensus – even among people who knew the alto saxophonist – that Live Bird, Boston-based playwright, actor, saxophonist Jeff Robinson’s one-man play about Parker gets him right.” – Ed Hazell, Jazziz Magazine

“This is one of the best plays about Bird that I’ve ever experienced” – Jazz Legend and Charlie Parker protege Frank Morgan

“Live Bird should be moved to off-Broadway… It deserves wider exposure” – Ira Gitler, Jazz Historian, Critic

“Robinson has Bird down cold… Robinson does it so convincingly you’ll forgive Parker for his flaws just to be in his presence” – David Yaffe, The Village Voice

“If you have an opportunity to see Jeff Robinson’s Live Bird you must.” – Nick Catalano, All About

“It takes a multifaceted individual to conceive and perform a one-man play on Charlie Parker, and Jeff Robinson fits the bill” – Bob Blumenthal, Boston Globe


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